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Your Official AT&T iPhone Unlock by Apple is here and at an Amazing Low Price from $29.95* for a limited time only.

(*this price is for out-of-contract iPhone only, go to to check contract status for free, iPhone 5/5s/5c have different pricing, check on the right)

How does it work?

  1. Submit your 15-digit IMEI number (on your iPhone: Settings > General > About).

  2. Proceed with these simple unlocking steps once you receive an email confirming your unlock is done.

Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.
(what you’ll see on iTunes when you’re done!)

Paypal Verified100% Money Back Guarantee

Don’t just take our word for it, read the feedback!

Great services a real recommendation!! Got my iPhone unlocked in less than 24 hrs. The cheapest on the net!!

Thanks for the great service. My phone is now unlocked (finally) and working. No more Gevery SIM. I bought one of those locked AT&T phones and brought it to Asia so you can understand the hassles I’ve been through. Well thanks to an “accidental” upgrade to 6.0 my baseband was upgrade 4.12.05 so the Gevey SIM I had did not work. The long story-short, I had to take the drastic measure of this type of unlock service. I must admit that I was skeptical at first with this type of online service. I’ve been had before by promises of software unlock from the UK. Anyway, more power and keep up the good service “Beijing iPhone Repair”. -Sonny

Hey Everyone, I just want to say. The iPhone 4S Unlock is LEGIT! I ordered two days ago and today I put in my SIM and the activation screen came up. I clicked activate, and it disappeared and my Sim works! :D So grateful!!!
-Daniel Pietersen

Mi celular iphone 4 que mandaron de esta unidos. operador AT&T solicite la compra de para activación atravez del emei que proporcione el dia martes a las 7:00 a.m. y se me desbloqueo el miercoles a las 9:30 a.m. que 24 hrs. se me desbloqueo. ahora mi operador nuevo es Tecel de México gracias… -Ramon Vazquez

Thanks for all my iPhone IMEI Unlock support. Your Response is great and recommended.


A Special Message from the
Founder and Manager of

“Hello there, my name is Richard Ker, the founder of Beijing iPhone Repair. I started this business in 2007 just before the first iPhone was launched. Since then, my team and I have been repairing, restoring and unlocking thousands of iPhones and iPods from around the world. Our blog is constantly featured on,,, JailbreakQA and many more.

Please just don’t take my word for it, check out our genuine testimonials and constant positive feedback from our customers and more than 4,700 followers on Facebook. We’re offering you the fastest and best unlocking solution at the lowest prices possible – and so much cheaper than what’s being offered by our competitors. We promise to deliver the best in everything to our customers.

If you have any concern or question, feel free to reach me at my personal email: Let our risk-free, money back guarantee policy put your mind at ease.”

Join our 4,700+ satisfied customers and have peace of mind!

  • No jailbreaking or hacking, just use iTunes
  • Increase the resale value of your iPhone
  • Will not void your warranty
  • Supported on any iOS or baseband (modem firmware)
  • No AT&T account or SIM card needed
  • You won’t lose your unlock when you update your iPhone
  • We can unlock your iPhone even if it was made after January 26, 2013 as we are not bound by DMCA law
  • Once unlocked, use your favorite carriers worldwide
  • Avoid expensive roaming charges when traveling
  • Free, fast and responsive tech support by The Real iPhone Expert. Email us at anytime, or send us WhatsApp message at +86-135-8168-8463.
  • Order is processed daily including weekends! Beat that CutYourSIM and Apple’N’Berry!

Unlock your AT&T iPhone at a wholesale price of $29.95 only

Act now because AT&T is already starting to stop people from unlocking their iPhones!



Notes, Terms, and Conditions

  • Beginning February 2013, please be sure that your iPhone is from AT&T. There will be no refund if it’s not AT&T. Use this free service to check if you have an AT&T iPhone.
  • Use free tool on to check for contract status.
  • Coupon code is not valid for special price service.
  • Make sure that your iPhone is operating normally and has been activated (you can get to the Home screen).
  • iPhone 3GS with iPad baseband 6.15.00 must be downgraded it to 5.13.04 for a successful activation. See here.
  • Please double check your IMEI before submitting especially if you have ordered with us before. Your internet browser may enter the same IMEI from your previous order.
  • Your iPhone has never been altered, repaired or its IMEI changed.
  • This service does not remove your iPhone from network blacklist, it is only for unlocking.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. How long it will take to unlock the order #123847.

    God! the waiting makes me crazy! I had regret to pay more than $64.95!

  2. I paid for an unlock on an iphone 4s which I checked with to be out of contract, and i received a refund saying it was in contract, then how am I supposed to trust the web you recommended if it lied

    • the result is 100% correct..

      here's the result again:

      Device IMEI: 01305300142xxxx
      Serial number: C8PH820Qxxxx
      Product description: iPhone 4S 64GB Black
      Telephone technical support: Active
      Telephone support expiration date: March 31, 2014
      Warranty(repairs and service coverage): Active
      Warranty expiration date: December 30, 2014
      Activation status: Activated
      Is registered: Yes
      Estimated purchase date: December 31, 2013
      Contract status: Under contract
      Contract expiration date: February 8, 2014

  3. I want to unlock iphone 4 and iphone 4s. Both of them from Att USA and out of contract. How long does it take to unlock? If not able to unlock do I get a full refund?

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