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  1. i have an iphone 3gs ios 6.13 firmware 5.16.08. I can't get the iphone's bluetooth to discover my plantronics bluetooth m100 . Anyone else having this kind of problem with iphone 3gs bluetooth? How can I fix it?

  2. i have a verizon iphone 5 that i bought off craigslist, I checked it using and it came up clean ESN.
    then after one day, I happened to check it again and it was listed as bad esn.
    The IMEI # is only listed as bad ESN, but the MEID # is still clean.
    I also did a sim lock check and it came up as (Lock Status: Locked ) does that mean i can't use it on any other service like sprint / tmobile / or At&t? even though verizon iphones are factory unlocked for GSM, or is lock status because the device is listed as bad ESN??
    By the way neither the IMEI# or the MEDI# is blacklisted, they both are nonblacklisted according to

    Whats the next step? if i get this bad esn clearing service would that unlock the iphone too, and make it usable on any other network? following the unlocking steps provided for verizon users?

  3. I bought a Iphone Xr online not knowing it was going to be blacklisted. Is there a way to get off that list from Tmobile and still use my phone?

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