Refund Policy

All of the products on our website are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. We provide such a guarantee to give honest customers the reassurance that the product they are ordering will be delivered in good faith and will be fit for purpose. In order to protect the legitimacy of this guaranty for all parties concerned, the guarantee itself is subject to the following terms:

1. Guarantee applies only if our attempt to unlock your iPhone returns an ‘unavailable’ report to our server. In a situation where the “unlock” cannot delivered for your mobile device, a refund will be issued 100%

2. 99% of the time a code will be found and will unlock your device flawlessly. In there rare instance the unlock doesn’t work and we insist the unlock is 100% done and correct, video proof will be required of you:

  • Pressing *#06# clearly showing the IMEI number of your device
  • Restore and activate your device using unlocking instructions.

No refunds will be given if:

1. If your IMEI# is reported as “iPhone already unlocked” according to our iPhone network check results (this result is obtained directly from Apple’s database).

2. The IMEI number provided by you is incorrect and an unlock has been produced or it is said Not Found.

3. The wrong network service was purchased. In this case the network will return the NOT FOUND code for your device. To avoid this case please use iPhone Network Checker to make sure your device is locked to network for the service you purchased/will be purchasing.

4. No video evidence is provided in which the unlock service did not work.

5. The unlocking service was purchased else where.

6. Guarantee does not apply where handset appears to be BLOCKED once unlocked, although we usually do a check before we process your order.

7. If your iPhone is unlocked but you can’t complete the process we can only provide support.

8. Retrieval of the unlock code exceeded our stated average turnaround time. In most instances we are very accurate or even faster with the turnaround times, however there may be contingencies in which causes a delay.

9. Your device was successfully unlocked but the network you wish to use the iPhone on is not compatible e.g. CDMA. It is the buyers responsibility to make sure the device you wish to unlock will be compatible with the SIM card and network you are trying use.

10. The unlock has returned but you do not wish to unlock your iPhone anymore.

11. The iPhone was already unlocked prior to placing your order.

If you have an error with the code or are unsure about unlocking your device please contact us immediately for support at as our main goal is to unlock your device. Please allow up to 7 days for the refund to show up on your account.


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