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  1. hello i recently bought a samsung galaxy 7 the phone is a verizon wireless phone from a lady on criagslist she said she was moving to texas and i bought the phone and now its listed in the blacklist but the phone was asking us to sign in email from previous owner and thats when my friend unlocked the phone he went through the steps on unlocking the phone and when we did the unlock process we can know get in the phone my question is since the phone is unlock but blacklisted on verizon wireless carrier can the phone work on a different carrier thank hope to hear from you soon

  2. hello it can be possible unlock/stolen iphone by hardware solution ? I always goes to Beijin.Next week i will going agian. Because i running bit comercial iphone /cellular/ in My country Mongolia.But i can"t find center service like u in Beijin.please send to me more adress info telephone to my mail thanks

  3. I found an iPhone 6S 64GB stucked on lost mode screen and has a message and phone number of the previous owner. I havent erased it yet. What service should I use to unlock the iCloud? Thanks.

  4. Hello. I just found an iPhone 6s with clean IMEI that is locked on lost mode. I havent erased it yet, s still asking me for the 8 digit code. How do I delete iCloud?

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