SAM Unlock Method May No Longer Work as Apple Starts Fixing Activation Servers

Trying to unlock your iPhone with the SAM unlock method? If it’s not working for you, it may be that Apple had patched all their activation servers.

UPDATE: If you have an AT&T iPhone, you can officially unlock it using this.

This is not very surprising at all because that’s how Apple works. As long as there’s a new unlocking method, Apple will find a way to stop it. While this is usually done through software and baseband update, Apple might also do drastic measures such as replacing the hardware. A good example would be replacing the chip on the new iPhone 3GS so that it won’t take baseband 6.15.00.

MuscleNerd (as usual) would tweet anything that has something to do with unlocking iPhones:

“Looks like Apple’s currently fixing their activation servers. But the good news is that previous tickets gotten via SAM trick still work.

If you’ve successfully unlocked your iPhone and backup your activation ticket, you will not be affected. If you’re only trying to do this or with a different SIM card, you may get the following error in SAM:

Activation Info rejected. You must select original carrier SIMID of your phone

This is relatively easy for Apple because they only have to do majority of the work on their servers instead of rolling out a new iOS update.

MuscleNerd continued to elaborate:


Although many people have reported that this unlock method is no longer working, you should still try it before it’s too late. Remember to save your activation tickets too!

It’s very unfortunate that this free unlocking dream was short-lived. If you missed the boat, we’re now selling the unlock for iPhone 4 and 4S on all basebands.

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