Is it Genuine or Fake? iPhone 4S Side-by-Side Comparison Photos

How easy it to spot the difference between a genuine and a fake iPhone 4S? To the untrained eyes, it will be difficult. See the side-by-sde comparison below.

This side-by-side comparison was featured on a popular Chinese blog PCPOP.

┬áThe quality of the fake iPhone 4S is so good that you may not even realize that it’s fake! Fake (top), genuine (bottom).

The only visible difference from this side view is the SIM tray. Fake (top), genuine (bottom).

Almost identical except the Sleep/Wake button. Fake (top), genuine (bottom).

The dock connector looks almost the same. Do note that special pentalobe screws are used on all iPhone 4S. Fake (top), genuine (bottom).

The back casing’s color is more vibrant on the genuine iPhone 4S. Fake (left), genuine (right).

The fake iPhone 4S appears to be slightly thicker and the mute button is not well made. Fake (left), genuine (right).

On the front panel, the most obvious giveaway is the proximity sensor “slot”. Fake (top), genuine (bottom).

Impressive: iOS 5 notification center appears almost identical as the genuine iOS. Fake (right), genuine (left).

Fake iPhone 4S running on Android with Market app opened. Fake (right), genuine (left).

Settings screen: bizarrely identical. Fake (right), genuine (left).

Did you enjoy that? I hope so. Here are some pointers of how to make sure that you get the real deal:

  • Siri – this is the surest way to check. Long press Home button to activate Siri. If it doesn’t come up, go to Settings > General > and turn on Siri.
  • Settings – go to Settings > General > About and check that it has modem firmware 1.0.11, 1.0.12, 1.0.14 or 2.10.01 and iOS 5+ installed.
  • Performance – the A5 chip is a fast processor and you must be able to see how fast you can launch apps, switch between apps etc.
  • Apps – if you see strange looking apps or apps you’ve never seen before, chances are it’s not real.
  • Built – check the general built quality of the phone, it shouldn’t feel plastic, pentalobe screws are used, also check its proximity sensor slot (see photo above) etc.
  • Serial number check – if you have access to the internet, you can check the iPhone’s information here just by entering the serial number (Go to Settings > General > About). It will show production year, model number, color etc.
  • Bring a friend if you’re new to iPhone. An experienced iPhone user should be able to tell the difference.

Don’t be fooled by the obvious difference!

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