Check Out Leaked Photos of ‘Made in Brazil’ iPhone 4 8GB

Apple is really taking the advise “don’t put all your eggs into one basket” seriously as iPhone 4 and future iPhones will be made and/or assembled in Brazil; in case something happens in China.

Instead of “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” written behind your iPhone, you will soon see “Industria Brasiliera” as shown in the photo above.

The iPhone 4 above is claimed to be made by Foxconn’s factory in Brazil and it appears to be a localized version of the device. It is also ANATEL-approved which is Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency.

Probably one of the main reasons motivated Apple to assemble iPhones is to cope with rising labor cost in China – that’s why Foxconn will depend more on robots to build iDevices. Another reason could be to meet demands from South American regions which in turn might help reduce the prices of iPhones there. I understand iPhone prices in Brazil are relatively high.

To our South America-based readers – perhaps this is good news for you guys?

Source: MacMagazine