Photos of Fully Transparent iPhone 4 Spotted in China

Forget about white iPhone 4, as it may be possible for you to get a fully transparent iPhone 4.

We spotted these images from a  local Chinese portal specialized in mobile phones. The front and rear casings are probably the same as the production ones, just not painted with either black or white paint.

Since the casing is transparent, this iPhone 4 will definitely experience 100% light leakage issue, which was one of the problems reported last year that caused delays to the release of white iPhone 4. By looking at the rear casing, the battery is clearly visible, along with the EMI shields covering the L-shaped logic board.

As all iPhone components are made in China, we wouldn’t be surprised if the DIY kits can be found in the local or online electronics market soon.

Still fancy a white iPhone 4? More photos can be downloaded here [9 images, zip file].